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Our R&D team works continuously to produce new mouth-watering recipes, for general consumers, professional chefs and bakers alike.

The environment

Mother Nature provides us with everything we need. We take great care to minimise the environmental impacts of our business. We want to protect our planet for future generations.


Beyer is a family business; it is of utmost importance to us that we maintain a healthy and respectful relationship with everyone involved in it: our work force, our suppliers and our clients.


We are inherently driven to only produce products of the very highest quality. Customer satisfaction is primordial to us here at Beyer.


Our passion and enthusiasm for fruit is the secret ingredient of our entire product range. Everyone working here is fully invested in the success of the Beyer brand.


We take pride in every aspect of our growing business. By listening to our customers and understanding their needs, we aim to establish a unique and privileged relationship with every one of our clients.

Quality fruit

All of our fruit undergoes rigorous selection procedures that guarantee quality par excellence.

Taste appreciation

Cooking in vats allows us to recreate, time and time again, the authentic taste of our jams and preserves.


We have worked with the same supplier for over forty years. We give the utmost respect to our professional alliances; this mutual confidence is a gauge of our quality and standards.