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Jams & Preserves

With 55g of fruit in every 100g, prepared using traditional techniques passed down through generations, you can be sure to find authentic taste in Beyer jams and preserves.


It’s tasty, it’s organic, it’s Beyer! Packed with organic fruit, be confident that what you are eating is a fruit product par excellence!


Lighter yes, but not in fruit! Made with 61% fruit, and bursting in flavour, these jams contain 30% less sugar than regular jam. There are lots of original varieties to try, including kiwi, rhubarb and mandarin too!

Fruit in syrup

These beauties are harvested when at their ripest before being preciously packed by hand into their jars to keep them at their best. Bursting with natural flavour they are an explosion on the taste buds!


Packed with 85% fruit, this is the authentic taste of stewed fruit, or compote. Our recipes make use of a wide range of tasty varieties, such as Mirabelle plums, strawberry and banana, and mango. Prepare your taste buds for a whirlwind tour around the orchard!

100% pulp

Beyer 100% is a favourite of chefs everywhere, confident that the Beyer brand delivers excellent quality. Increase your chance of success by putting Nature’s very best into your recipes!

Uncle HANSI Jams

A range of traditional products from Alsace.